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Alexander (Sandy) Allinson

July 15, 2002
Mississauga, Ontario

More and more Unisys (Sperry) mainframe users are looking to Inglenet for help to reduce costs and improve service. Our in-depth knowledge of Unisys mainframes and networking makes us the perfect candidate to modernize your system. Inglenet supports a planned migration of legacy mainframe systems to open systems based on UNIX or Microsoft Windows servers in an enterprise network. Inglenet provides the migration expertise and tools, which permit an organization to adapt mainframe systems to network based server architecture.

The Inglenet compatibility transaction processing software (TIP Studio™ III) is written with an understanding of legacy systems and, in many cases, seamlessly enhances the capabilities of the mainframe systems without the need to modify the application code. The reliable and powerful transaction-processing framework Inglenet has provided for more than 25 years to Unisys mainframe customers has been implemented on modern open systems platforms.

An Inglenet solution considers your legacy system, and provides a strategy, methodology and the services for moving to open system server based architecture. With a proven strategy for dealing with modernization issues, Inglenet Business Solutions has successfully managed the migration for many Unisys mainframe customers. In all cases, the projects were carefully planned and executed within the established time frame and budget.

As part of the Inglenet migration methodology, Inglenet has created a comprehensive process and suite of tools called "OpenARMS™". This unique Application Renovation and Modernization Services process is continuously revised to reflect the latest techniques employed in legacy system modernization.

Our team of professionals has the mainframe experience to understand your legacy systems, and has extensive knowledge of the current suite of UNIX/Linux and Windows based systems to ensure your applications move forward and take full advantage of open system network based computing.

It is first and foremost about the data. The data is clearly an extremely important and valuable asset of the organization. If a fundamentally sound data model, that will support the business needs of the organization, is not developed as part of the initial phase then future modernization efforts will be more difficult and less likely to succeed.

The Inglenet vision of legacy modernization is one of conservative approaches and leading technological capabilities to produce a new IT environment that employs current technology in the areas of database, user interface and development techniques.

At Inglenet, we have developed a culture and an approach that provides a unique value proposition; we help liberate your data from the cocoon of legacy technology.

Yours truly,

Alexander (Sandy) Allinson, CEO
Inglenet Business Solutions

Message from CEO

Management Team


“Clients are always surprised and pleased to find that the unique ’soft landing’ approach that Inglenet employs provides an extremely low-risk migration path to new technology. It safely brings forward the legacy applications with the business rules intact.”

Sandy Allinson, CEO Inglenet Business Solutions