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Inglenet Business Solutions, founded in 1974, is the leading provider of legacy mainframe application transformation services.

Our proven "OpenARMS" process and tools enable organizations to effectively transform mission-critical applications to take advantage of current technologies. Our TIP Studio III software facilitates the legacy applications taking full advantage of current technologies such as database modernization, user interface improvements, web and wireless enabling and more.

Inglenet has been listed in The National Post Business Magazine's listing of the top Canadian information technology companies, the Branham300, every year since 1996. In the 2001 listing, Inglenet is listed in the 50 Top Canadian Professional Services Companies.

We deliver solutions to keep your business on the path of profitability and ahead of competitors.

Inglenet's corporate offices are located in Toronto, Canada.

Inglenet is in the business of moving companies forward. We do this by upgrading their old Legacy and Unisys Systems to more robust and scaleable systems - we liberate corporate data from the restrictive cocoon of legacy technology. Graphical interfaces, web and wireless access and modern relational database technologies have opened up new opportunities for companies to move forward but old systems make this a costly and slow process. Inglenet is the life preserver in this new sea of technology. Whether you are interested in upgrading your Legacy or Unisys system or moving to an Internet based solution, Inglenet has the products and services to meet this need. Our solutions help customers address some of the most pressing issues facing the business world today, including:

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Increasing revenue

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Improving customer service and support

  • Reducing down time

    See our Products and Solutions Section for more details on how Inglenet can help you achieve your objectives.

  • Message from CEO

    Management Team


    "The Inglenet vision of legacy modernization is one of conservative approaches and leading technological capabilities to produce a new IT environment that employs current technology in the areas of database, user interface and development techniques."

    Sandy Allinson, CEO Inglenet Business Solutions